Elementary School (K-5) - Jewish Day School

Elementary School (K-5)


Our K-5 Elementary School program offers a richly integrated, child-centered curriculum which builds upon fostering connections between content, values and actions. From literacy to inquiry; from core academics to Judaic studies; from individual to group responsibility - our talented teaching teams and small student/teacher ratio keep our students actively engaged in skill development, critical thinking and problem solving each and every day.

Use of educational technology in our primary and intermediate grades allows students to easily learn, evaluate sites and connect with the world around them. Starting in 4th Grade, students are responsible for their own laptop at school where they can access their math text, use a homework website, conduct research and join in deep conversations about literature.

Specialists in Art, Music, Library and PE also play an integral role in extending thematic connections between the classroom and the fine arts as well as through physical fitness. Read more about Arts and Athletics here.

LRC (Learning Resource Center)
Valuing diversity and individual learning styles/profiles, JDS is fortunate to have a Learning Resource Center with several learning specialists who consult with teaching teams and parents, and offer support/ instruction to students as they strive to reach their academic potential.


Kindergarten Overview
Children are born naturally curious. There is no set curriculum they follow to learn to walk, talk and interact with people around them. They learn by observing, asking questions and trying out their hunches. They are natural scientists. A research project at MIT and Stanford found 4 and 5-year-olds even play like scientists work. For this reason, JDS designed a highly regarded Science Kindergarten curriculum to extend and enhance the natural abilities of children.

Science Kindergarten provides a richly integrated, child-centered, inquiry-based curriculum which encourages curiosity and exploration as a way for children to learn about the world around them. The program creates a perfect environment for our Kindergarten students to learn about the earth, plants and animals, the water cycle, light, magnetic forces, sound, and so much more – all subjects they are instinctively excited to learn about. In Kindergarten, science serves as one vehicle through which other subjects are taught and integrated, specifically emphasizing mathematics, critical-thinking and problem solving skills – key tools to help ensure academic success as students grow. Our comprehensive Kindergarten program also provides students with second language study, early literacy, Judaic studies, music, art, library, physical education, social studies and much more. Students learn individually and in groups - always in classrooms small enough to allow for individualized attention – a hallmark of our program. At JDS, curiosity leads to discovery.