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Global Learning


International perspective is key to success in today's global economy and is also a key component of our 21st century, inquiry-based program. Children at JDS study 2nd language daily, Skype with other students and educators around the world, and participate in international learning opportunities such as the online, real time, global math competition - World Math Day.  

JDS students explore the impacts of various world religions, history and politics. Speakers are invited to campus to talk about different faiths including Muslim, Buddism, Christianity, Hindu and more. Service projects provide additional global learning opportunities from students learning about the JFS Food Bank clients who visit JDS once a month (primarily Russian immigrants) to student-initiated global projects such as providing books or other supplies to children in parts of the country where the need is great. JDS students respect and value differences in cultures and opinions as they, themselves, represent diversity coming from different parts of the world, speaking various first languages, and coming from various denominations of Judaism. A global lens on early learning and challenging students to appreciate differences creates individuals better prepared to understand and address global issues in the future.

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