Athletics & JAG Program - Jewish Day School

Athletics & JAG Program


We keep them moving at JDS. Our goal is to introduce and expand students’ knowledge in a wide variety of fitness, skills and activities. Flexibility, strength and cardiovascular exercises are included in each class. Skill development in running, throwing, kicking, balance and striking are main focal points and lead up to small- and large-sized games of soccer, volleyball, basketball, gymnastics and speedball. 

The curriculum provides experiences that allow all students to succeed. Students are challenged to improve their times in the mile and to better their skill levels in 17 different activities; students are graded according to their personal improvement.

Competitive Sports Offerings
JDS sports offerings allow all players the chance to improve in a sport while enjoying the benefits of playing on a team. Our coaches keep the players moving, helping them build strength and conditioning while learning to be more proficient in a wide variety sports that include: Girls Volleyball, Girls Basketball, Boys Basketball, and coed teams in Cross Country, Tennis, Track, Golf and Ultimate Frisbee. We encourage each student to try at least one team each season no matter their perceived ability because everyone benefits when our teams are strong in number.

JAG Program
In addition to Middle School’s extensive physical education and competitive athletics programs, our JDS Middle School further expands student exposure to arts and music by allowing students to select one of five different electives for a ten session trimester: this is our Journey and Growth Program (JAG). JAG electives include or have included: 3D Printing & Design, Architecture, Art Astronomy, Business and Economics, Computer Programming, Discover with Drawing & Cartooning, Fashion Design, Green Leadership Team, Knitting, Marimba, Music, Playwriting, Pottery, Robotics, Yearbook and more!