Campus Highlights - Jewish Day School

Mifgash Chavurot - Sharing Circles


Fall 2015: Great work, JDS! Thank you students, teachers and parents for making last week's Mifgash Chavurot - Sharing Circles - such a tremendous success for our entire school community. Sharing Circles serve many purposes: they connect students and teachers of many grades with each other; they provide a platform for students to practice presentation skills, like explaining their learning process and clearly sharing a piece of work; they encourage thoughtful appreciation across the grades, and; they are a lot of fun!


4th Grade Science Teams

Fall 2015: Leadership, Cooperation, Patience & Flexibility The 4th Grade is working in science teams to enhance their learning about Soils, Rocks and Landforms. Working in these science teams allows the students to share the materials; build bigger and better ideas; work on JDS values such as leadership, cooperation, patience and flexibility; and to have fun! The class has talked a lot about what it looks and sounds like to be on task and to be kind while working in a team. So far, the 4th Grade teams have investigated different types of soils and the effects of physical and chemical weathering on rocks. At the end of a science investigation, students appreciate each other for the leadership and compromises they have noticed that day.