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What Others Are Saying


What Our Supporters Are Saying

“Our children have a love of learning, the insight and desire to live as upstanding individuals, and excellent academics to prepare them for high school and beyond.”

“JDS is a great school for my kids but also an asset to our community.”

“JDS is providing our grandchildren with a strong sense of belonging, an awareness of their cultural heritage and most of all, pride in being Jewish.”

“Our community of teachers exceeds what I could have ever imagined: our kids feel loved and cared for.”

“What I like most about JDS is the people our children are becoming. You can get academics anywhere, but you can’t get a moral compass.”

“JDS, it’s our Jewish family in Seattle!”

“I love how my kids are allowed to struggle with their Judaism.”

“I’m indebted to JDS because both my parents are Holocaust survivors. I have no doubt in my mind that our children have a Jewish identity because of JDS.”

“It’s essential that we teach this type of education vs. what I had available. Back in my day, if I had burning questions, I had to wait for a bookmobile.”

“Inquiry-based learning—it lets children learn how to not only solve problems but to find problems. Kids are being prepared for Higher Education.”

“Inquiry-based learning covers a prescribed curriculum but it’s taught by allowing the children to use their own questions and discoveries and collaborate to result in a deeper meaning of their learning. It’s very participatory. It’s classroom up vs. teacher down.”