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Why a Second Language?



At JDS, Hebrew education starts in Early Childhood. Why? Because exposure to a second language while young allows children to optimize their learning potential, helping to shape the brain at its most flexible stage. In fact, learning a second language at a young age is cognitively as easy as learning a first language. Through song, prayer, holiday celebrations and more, our youngest learners become comfortable and familiar with Hebrew sounds, tones, letters and usage: this knowledge grows exponentially during a student’s time at JDS.

Hebrew proficiency at JDS is a gateway to understanding and expanding Jewish and cultural knowledge. JDS students use Hebrew to communicate, access Jewish texts directly in their original forms and connect to the global Jewish community.

Any second language study:

  • Advances learning in other academic subjects
  • Narrows achievement gaps
  • Enhances basic skill development
  • Higher order, abstract and creative thinking
  • Enriches and enhances cognitive development
  • Enhances student’s sense of achievement
  • Helps student’s score higher on standardized tests
  • Promotes cultural awareness and competency
  • Improves chances of college acceptance, achievement and attainment
  • Enhances career opportunities
  • Understanding and security in community and society

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Each year, our 8th Grade students create an all-Hebrew class production.
Watch our recent graduates’ performance HERE.