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Why The Jewish Day School?


At JDS, curiosity leads to discovery. JDS provides an integrated curriculum of learning through inquiry, exploration and reflection, placing great emphasis on the strategies and processes involved in learning and self-growth. Focusing on 21st century learning, community and stewardship, our program creates a unique educational opportunity that prepares children to live intelligently, thoughtfully, peacefully and sustainably within a rapidly changing global environment.

You've probably heard it if you didn't say it yourself: "I did great in the subjects that interested me."

At JDS, our inquiry-based curriculum engages all students, allowing them to learn through exploration - a natural process for children. Rather than listening, memorizing and repeating facts as so many of us did throughout our childhoods, today's children learn how to discover, process and use the information which is immediately accessible to us all. They hone their problem solving and critical thinking skills in a student-centered environment that engages and challenges them. Our teachers serve as learning facilitators guiding students through the learning process, helping them make sense of data, encouraging them to ask questions and seek solutions, and make use of resources outside of the classroom walls. The result? Inspired students with an insatiable appetite for learning and a desire to use their skills to address issues and problems in their world. 

JDS: Where kids grow into their best selves.