Note from Meghan

Dear Families, 

Today, we find ourselves in the difficult position of personally processing events of the world while also digging deep to be the supportive and understanding adults in the lives of children. 

As a mother, teacher, and school leader, I can sometimes struggle with the words to help the children in my care make sense of the events they see and hear. On the two year anniversary of the murder of George Floyd and the day after another senseless school shooting, it feels particularly challenging. I take comfort in the fact that, in this moment, we are safe. In this moment, we have security measures and protocols in place. In this moment, we can comfort those around us from our position of privilege. 

And, because those things are true, we are also responsible for taking action. One way I have taken action is to dedicate my professional life to creating learning environments for children where they can be curious, learn to positively contribute to their communities, and become upstanders that advocate for those that can’t or won’t.

It is a personal commitment to action that builds an actively anti-racist community and teaches children that they, too, must be contributors to change. This is also a time to listen with compassion, help our children to process information, and stand by families of color in our community. We encourage you to reach out to one another and to us at a time in which we need community support and strength. 



Below are some resources that may be helpful in having developmentally appropriate discussions with your children. 

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