Note from Meghan

Dear JDS Families, 

This summer, JDS initiated a process to shape our strategic direction as we build upon and grow our dynamic school community. The goal is to examine and build upon JDS’ core strengths, mission and values so we can communicate them more strategically, authentically and compellingly. Strategic processes can take many forms, but all require a nuanced understanding of the unique strengths of an institution and its goals and aspirations for the future.

JDS has engaged the strategic, branding and messaging services of CRANE | Atlanta (a national leader in school identity and strategy) and as part of this process, we want to hear from many voices and perspectives to ensure we get a clear sense of what we value as a community.

A team from CRANE will be on campus Friday, October 14th. During this visit they will meet with faculty and staff, tour our school and observe classrooms to learn more about us, our culture and our community. Later in October, the CRANE team will conduct virtual interviews and focus groups via Zoom with a diverse sample of parents, faculty, administrators, staff, alumni, students and community leaders.

Over the next few weeks, we will reach out to a number of community members to participate in these conversations. We hope you’ll be excited to play a part in this important work—and we hope you will share with CRANE both your practical insights and your boldest, bravest aspirations for JDS, on the cusp of great growth, evolution and innovation.

We are extremely excited to be working with the CRANE team and to benefit from their insight as we explore the future of our beloved school. We thank you in advance for sharing your time and perspective, and for playing a role in this vital work.

May we continue to go from strength to strength,


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