Why choose JDS for your child?

You know that preschool through 8th grade is a crucial period in your child’s education. And you want their school to make the most of these early years—to build an unshakable foundation for a joyful, meaningful, learning-filled life. Fortunately, in the Seattle area, parents have many fine public and independent options to choose from. 

So what makes JDS different? In short, it’s the J. And not only for the reasons you might expect…

Our Jewish education embraces and emphasizes Judaism’s deeply rooted tradition of loving learning. We teach and encourage children at all grade levels to ask big questions, to engage in vigorous and respectful debate, to reflect on ourselves and our roles in our communities, and to take ethical action on behalf of others. 

Jewish tradition also teaches us to share our learning and our lives with people from all backgrounds. That’s why we invite all families who share our educational philosophy to enroll at JDS, whether they are Jewish or not. 

By doing so, we strengthen not only our Jewish community, but all our communities, locally, nationally, and worldwide. And we graduate young citizens who are fully prepared to make a positive difference today and in our shared future.

If JDS sounds like
a good choice for your child and your family, we invite you to explore our academic and Jewish Studies curricula. 

Then come visit us and see
the results for yourself!

Here are just some of the advantages that the JDS education offers your child:

  • Knowledge of a second (or third or fourth…) language—Hebrew and/or Spanish—at a young age 
  • Sophisticated critical thinking skills built through rigorous textual analysis and debate 
  • The earned confidence, lifelong curiosity, cultural agility, and hands-on problem-solving skills developed through intentional inquiry-based learning 
  • A Jewish perspective on history, culture, and society that promotes empathy, advocacy, and action 
  • The ability to reflect on and intentionally shape one’s own identity—Jewish or otherwise 
  • A warm and welcoming learning community that celebrates holidays and milestones together, affirms and supports every individual, and nurtures lifelong friendships