Shaping deep thinkers and courageous upstanders

Interweaving challenging inquiry-based academics and inclusive Jewish Studies, the JDS program nurtures lifelong learners—and inspiring leaders.

Through collaborative projects, service opportunities, public speaking and performance, and our intentional social and emotional curriculum, your child acquires the intellectual and interpersonal skills that tomorrow’s leaders need.

But at JDS, we believe true leadership requires something more…

Our program equips every child, each in their own way, to be an upstander.

In contrast to bystanders, upstanders speak up and step up. They intervene on behalf of the vulnerable and do what’s right, even—or especially—when it’s difficult, uncomfortable, or scary.

Being an upstander requires knowledge and courage, empathy and agility, awareness of history, and optimism for the future. From an early age, your child:

  • Asks, explores, and respectfully debates complex questions about the world and themselves
  • Draws upon Jewish history and tradition to develop a wider and deeper view of today’s challenges
  • Collaborates with others to propose, create, and iterate workable solutions
  • Observes and practices upstanding in our classrooms, families, and communities
  • Celebrates successes—and failures—as opportunities to learn more

The result? Your child emerges exceptionally well-prepared to learn and lead in high school, college, career, and life beyond.

Learn more about how our preschool, elementary, and middle school programs shape deep thinkers and courageous upstanders.