The JDS community is a close-knit family of lifelong learners from many different traditions and backgrounds. We’re kind and curious, pluralistic and united—and we always look forward to welcoming new members.

How does our diverse community stay so cohesive? Celebrating holidays and milestones together, cheering for our students on the stage and the playing field, discovering our common interests and our interesting differences—all these play important roles. Ultimately, though, it’s our deeply shared commitment to all our children that brings us and keeps us together.

In our small, multiage classrooms, expert teachers tend to each child’s specific interests, strengths, and needs. At the same time, collaborative learning and service projects help every child develop the empathy, cultural agility, and teamwork skills that our rapidly evolving world requires.

Surrounded by joyful, ambitious learners of all ages, your child grows up ready and eager to foster, serve, and lead their communities—wherever they choose to go next.

We invite you to join our warm and welcoming school family. For some next steps to consider, visit our Admissions page.

with each other

One of our favorite parts of the JDS experience is our monthly Kehilla. We sit outside, sing in Hebrew and English, welcome in Shabbat, celebrate holidays, and share our learning. Students, parents, faculty, and staff all join in— and we can’t wait to share it with you!